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Release date:
22nd January 2014



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USD - Game$9.99
USD - Unity source code to BLAST EM!$39.99


BLAST EM! is a return to the rock-hard-and-addictive games of the 80s. Take charge of a space ship and battle your way through endless hordes of evil alien robots terror-bent on your destruction while you try desperately to control your automatic blink reflex. Take your eyes off the game and it's time to press the play button again! BLAST EM! is fighting its way to Steam on 22nd January 2014.


BLAST EM! came to life after a chance meeting with the journalist Will Freeman in 2013 about a completely different game. Will is a masssive fan of the shoot-em-up genre and given the chance will talk about the subject until you lose the will to live. Byron came away from that meeting with the seed of BLAST EM! well and trully embedded in his head. Over the next two months it germinated into a fully grown game. To start with BLAST EM! had a small experimental release on its own website and it quickly became apparent that there was something to it with some people playing it over 400 times in just two days. In just one month Blast Em! has been played over 10,000 times! The publisher Mastertronic took notice of BLAST EM! and they quickly decided they had to publish this game.


  • Evil alien robots terror-bent on destroying you and everone else!
  • Semi-procedural game generation. Never play exactly the same game twice.
  • Super hard gameplay.
  • Super addictive gameplay.
  • Great training in mastering your blink reflex.
  • An amazing soundtrack including 5 tunes!
  • The Unity source code to the game to buy so you can see how it was made!


BLAST EM! Trailer YouTube



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The sound track to Blast Em! by Gavin Harrison gavinharrisonsounds.bandcamp.com.

About Xiotex Studios

Xiotex Studios is the company name of Byron Atkinson-Jones, a veteran game developer who lives and breathes creativity. If Byron isn't actually making games he's usually either gathering large groups of people to talk about making games or being talked into helping other people get their games out the door.

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BLAST EM! Credits

Byron Atkinson-Jones
Design, code, art and SFX

Gavin Harrison

Dugan Jackson

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks